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Pedraza is one of Spain’s best-preserved medieval villas. It was declared a Historic-Artistic site in 1951 and recognized with a Europa Nostra Award (EU Cultural Heritage Award) for respectful rehabilitation of its buildings and walls. History lives in the narrow cobbled streets in such features as the Door of the Villa, the medieval jail, the Church of San Juan, and the castle.


UA great story …

Pedraza has a long history. Evidence of human presence was found in the Cave of the Greek, where there was a set of engravings realized in the Superior Paleolithic, 18,000 years ago. Later, in Roman epoch, Pedraza was a cradle of the Emperor Trajano.

1951. Monumental Complex

Pedraza’s time of major brilliance was the17th century, when it enjoyed prosperity from its wool production.

Pedraza loves to celebrate its culture and heritage. On the first two Saturdays of July the village celebrates the Concerts of the Candles with 25,000 candles, that light your way through the streets. In September, we host the fiestas of the Virgin of the Carrascal and San Roque.


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